The Summary Dashboard

The Summary is your main display in Tax Planner Pro.  From here you can see both your business and personal tax projections, as well as access all of the modules of the software.

Business Summary

The Business Summary is your business tax projection.  A projection is an educated guess at what your business tax returns will look like next year.  The system uses your bookkeeping information and financial statements to produce the amounts you see in the summary.

Personal Summary

The Personal Summary is your personal tax projection.  Using the business tax projection, plus other information from your personal tax return, the system projects what your personal tax return will look like for the coming year.  It includes a projection of your tax due

Other Modules

On the left side navigation menu are the other modules of Tax Planner Pro.  Depending on what plan you have purchased, access to some of these modules may not be available.

Planner: Shows optimized strategies and planning advice you are not taking advantage of.

Simulator: Lets you run "what-if" scenarios using the planner strategies and other changes.

Vault: Document storage and allows for uploading tax returns to the TPP PDF Reader.

Sync Settings: Set the sync interval to your bookkeeping software and more.

Profile: Update your logo and contact information.